Precious Gems Clue 7

The Last Clue!


  • Lay the “10” and “2” Ruby blocks side-by-side so the Topaz strips form a border along the left, top, and right of the two blocks. 
  • Slide these two blocks apart and place a Diamond block between them, with the Topaz strip at the top. Sew the Diamond block between the Ruby blocks. Repeat with the “4” and “7” Ruby blocks. Make 2 rows.


  • Lay out the two remaining Diamond blocks with the C1 edges touching in the center.  Slide the blocks apart and sew the Emerald block between them.

Sew the Diamond/Emerald row between the two Ruby/Diamond rows, keeping all of the C1 edges in the center.

You did it!

Click here for the full pattern and diagram. Thank you for joining me today!

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