As You Wish Clue 9

Humperdinck + Buttercup + Fezzik
Lay out Humperdinck with the rectangle at the top. To its right, lay out Buttercup with the Flying Geese at the bottom. Sew the two blocks together. (Mawwaige.) Place the Fezzik Flying Geese/Square unit to the right of Buttercup, with the small square on the bottom. Sew to Buttercup. Make 4. Stack all the rows with Humperdinck on the left and mark the stack of finished rows “T”.
Buttercup + Vizzini + Westley
Lay out a Vizzini with the B triangle on the left end. Sew the long B edge of Buttercup to the TOP of Vizzini, then sew the B/C3 edge of Westley to the BOTTOM of Vizzini. Make 4. Mark these #19.

Next clue in 30 minutes!

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