Dream Clue 6

Putting it all together!

Lay out a Cowardly Lion row with the houses on the bottom. Sew the pieced rectangle from Toto to each end of the row, with the two C4 rectangles touching. These are the corners of your quilt; the C4 should be ‘wrapping around’ the corners. Press seams toward Toto. Make 2. These are your new and improved Cowardly Lion rows now, you’re done with Toto.

Sew a Scarecrow row to the top of a Tin  Man row (it shouldn’t matter which way is up for either of these rows). Make 2 row pairs. Press seams however they want to go. THEN sew the remaining Scarecrow row between the 2 Scarecrow/Tin Man row pairs so the rows are Scarecrow + Tin Man + Scarecrow + Tin Man + Scarecrow.

Sew a Dorothy row to each side of the Scarecrow-Tin Man rows. You may need to re-aim your seam allowances on Dorothy so they’ll nest with the Scarecrow-Tin Man rows. Press the long seams toward Dorothy.

All that’s left is…

All that’s left is to sew the Cowardly Lion rows onto the top and bottom of the Scarecrow-Tin Man section. Don’t forget the C4 rectangles should be ‘wrapping around’ the corners.


Don’t forget to send a picture for the gallery!

Click here to visit the gallery and to download the full pattern and line drawing.

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