Dream Clue 1

Good morning and welcome!

If you have any questions, call or text me.

When you finish a clue, put the pieces you sewed back in to the bag you got them from, unless otherwise instructed.

From the Cowardly Lion bag…

In pre-sewing, you stitched & flipped C3 squares onto opposite corners of a C1 square. Stitch & flip a C4 square onto one “empty” corner of a C1 square. Make 8. These are your House Blocks. The C4 triangle is the ROOF.

Sew two House Blocks together, matching the C4 roofs in the top center. Two C3 triangles will meet at the bottom center. Make 4.

From the Toto bag…

Sew a C3 square to the end of a C4 rectangle to make a 3½ x 9½” pieced rectangle. Press to C4. Make 4.

Next clue in 30 minutes!

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